Suso Manifesto

“Unique, delicious, healthy, eco-friendly: my ice cream feeds the soul.
Which is perhaps why everyone wants it”.

Suso, the gelato chef

Aware that success is not a goal, but an outcome.

Experience, interest, passion, ethics, research, respect.

These are the main ingredients of a good product.

In 2010, still unknown to most, the vision was already clear: to combine ice cream and confectionery, giving birth to a gelateria with unique natural creations, designed to give a sensory experience. Taste, visual appeal, aroma… a Suso gelato tantalizes and whets the appetite for discovery in those looking for something they can only find in Suso gelaterias.

Revisited classics or previously unobtainable flavours are thus born, made with selected ingredients in a constant evolution that makes Suso the best gelateria in Venice, with an offer for every need or dietary choice: from gluten-free and lactose-free, to the most experimental ideas and vegan proposals.

A lot has changed since 2010, and today the Suso gelato parlours are the most talked-about in the city. Places where people from all over the world can experience the collective ritual of superb gelato. And where Venetians love to treat themselves to a quality break.

Every day, Suso receives plaudits for its consistent striving for the ‘good and the right’. The ‘good’ of quality ingredients and the ‘right’ of an always ecological and careful approach, with the use – since 2010 – of waffle cups and not plastic or cardboard, and later compostable spoons and compostable or recyclable take-away trays.


At Suso, we’re passionate about our work

in seeking the best ingredients

in presenting natural products

in satisfying the taste of every customer

and in offering ice cream with a friendly touch

Suso is careful about

not using artificial colourings

food intolerances

using materials with a low environmental impact

proposing products that are seasonal

Suso is original

because we’re true Venetians

perchè crea nuovi sapori 

perchè abita un luogo unico